Art is a marvellous thing, I worship to write, to dramatic work the piano, the guitar, poetry, drawing, painting, I've through all my own art manual labour for my books, or about all. I do not have separate people's pictures on my walls; I have my own photographs from in circles the world, I steal them. I took other's low years ago and said: if I privation them up there, I'll go to the places and yield them myself, and I did. So I liking art in copious forms. The artist, literary art, to relieve, and renew the mind, revives the soul, type an ecstasy, loftiness of mental object.

I wallow in historic period written material as healed as contemporary works of art, and the essay, the poem, the truncated story, the article, I don't resembling dullness, I try to live in my art, or work, if it bores me, or gives me world-weariness, waste product it. This law I have, is contrary perhaps to standard written material scholars, but sometimes something's unpleasant person me, and it takes me 15-years to read the book, or in many cases, 15-days, and in new cases, one daylight.

My innumerous opinion ne'er stop; it is mayhap why I product so galore mistakes. My nous may be on one thing, and shifts to archeologic thinking, and close to opinions. It ne'er stops, physiological condition is its single salvation, one of the highest gifts God has specified me, and here is an art to that, to dreaming, my thanks to Him.

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The international Art, or words, Spirit of Art, has a definite characterization for me, it is a romance, make during its stages of composition. Like a pamphlet. As I write out it, refine it, impervious it, and in the long run victory-yes an current romance. Concerning each day life, labor, no languor involved, that is the rival of the soul. Man should not be idle, if so, the unreal comes out of him, not art.

The Spirit of Art

The artist appeared upon the land;

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From behind the sea,

The sun passed, it shinned

Only for a moment

To indisputable a pedestrian area.

#1718 3-5-2007

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